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Arugambay Special Tour Sri Lanka

Tour Details

We are proudly inviting for all kind of surfers around the world to enjoy their water sport activities, one of the most wonderful bay in Sri Lanka. Arugam bay is a fishing village, which situated in the east coast of the island. 342 km from the Negombo. Is known as one of the top 10 surf point in the world. Best time of the year is between April to Octomber.

International surfers are attracted to the east coast and they come to explore, long desert beach, under water photography, all kind of water sport, diving and swimming. Further low budget travelers centers and lot more exciting make much easier their holidays.

East coast makes your dreams come true, not only for veterans but also for begnners. Whoever you are, whatever you are , it need only your willing.

Arugam bay opens you a wide range of sweeping beach with good surfing. There are three surf point in Bay Arugam.

  • Arugam point
  • Pottuvil point
  • Crocodile rock

Arugam Bay Arugam Bay
Arugam Point

This is the main break at Arugam Bay, it will be couple of feet bigger than any of the other breaks. A long right hand break creates 2m waves and 400m ride in better days. Besides four or five high quality break could be found within a radius 30 minutes off a long golden sandy beach at Arugam Point.

Pottuvil Point Sun Rise
Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is very famous for the tropical waves which maks favorite for the seasanal veterant. It provides 800m rides from the outside section righ through to the beach on the inside. Is a large peninsula on the east coast of the is land it is not crowded as like Arugam point, because of 30 minutes drive north from Arugam bay. Known as a one of most excellent surfing point in the world and not only surfing end, but also this peninsula offer you amazing sunset , lagoon safaris , wild Elephants , huge crocodiles , varied selection of migrating birds and fishing.

Arugam Bay Arugam Bay
Crocodile Rock

This is the smallest among of these three point. 30 minutes drive and 20 minutes walk down the beautiful beach get to crocodile rock. It's generated perfect waves for the beginner, and wild life captures the eyes of both.