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Adam's Peak Tour Sri Lanka - One Day Tour in Adam's Peak

What to See

Adam's Peak
Adam's Peak

ADAM'S PEAK (Leave for Adam's peak, afternoon from Negombo. Climb to Adam's peak 2.00 o'clock early morning wait for sun rise (Hiru Sewaya) and back to negombo.

The sacred foot print which is respected by followers of all religious is situated in Samanala kanda of the central hills.

The buddhiste believe that foot print is that of the lord Buddha, hindus think it is god siva's , Christians claim that it adam's foot, while the muslims believe it to be Allah's.

This is also known as adam's speak, sivandi, padam , sri pada, and is7360 feet (2208 M)above sea level. The season to climb adam's peak begins in December on the unduvasp full moon day and ends in april on the Bak full moon day.

Sun Rise (from Adam's peak)
Sun Rise (from Adam's peak)

If you are interested in climbing and for you to get an exciting experience there is adam's peak.There are two main routes reach Adam's peak. One is the rail road or high road to go to Hatton and then proceed. The next is the Ratnapura-Kuruvita road. The pilgrims can go upto Nallatanni where the Makara Torana is built, from the onwards it's a 4 mile walk through tea estates and tugged mountainous areas. Mostly people climb the rock at night. To watch the sun rise or "Hiru sevaya" is of special interest to the pilgrims.

When climbing the rock, the first stop is "Seetha Gagula". Here they bathe and proceed in single file. A stone stairway makes the climb easier. Certain areas are rather rugged and the pilgrims have to climb this area with difficulty. The second stop is "Idikatupana" where it is customary to threadle a needle. Some of the other places where pilgrims stop to relax are Gettampana and Heramitipana. The most difficult climb is Mahagiridabaya. On the stop of the mountain is a shrine and the sacred foot print, and a covering which provides shade for it.

After paying homage to the foot print , the belfry is sounded by pilgrims who reach the top . this is the done according to the number of time visited. This is one of the 16 sacred places of the Sri Lanka.